Saturday, 07. January 2017

Max Planck Society to probe Third-Reich Era Medical Science: thanks to the Institute’s recent activities and investigations

In the most recent issue of Science, journalist Megan Gannon reports on the decision of Max Planck Society’s President Martin Stratmann to nominate an international committee of historians to probe activities of former scientists... [more]

Friday, 09. December 2016

Two students from the Schuman Lab graduate on the same day

On December 8, both Güney Akbalik and Irina Epstein graduated. They successfully defended their thesis at the Goethe University. Both of them will be in the USA for a postdoc.  [more]

Tuesday, 06. December 2016

Fourth IMPRS student graduates

On November 25, Christoph Hartmann graduated at the Department of Computer Science and Mathematics of the Goethe University.  [more]

Thursday, 20. October 2016

Seeking balanced networks: how neurons adjust their proteins during homeostatic scaling.

Neurons adjust their synapses by altering the synthesis of hundreds of proteins to regulate synaptic strength and network activity. [more]