Thursday, 16. March 2017

How much information can we get from a spike?

Neurons communicate via spikes but how they use those short pulses to code information is still an open question. Recent work at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research (Theory of Neural Dynamics Group) reveals that by... [more]

Wednesday, 15. February 2017

IMPRS student Anja Gemmer receives grant from the Christiane Nüsslein Volhard Foundation

Anja Gemmer started her doctoral studies at the Lab of Erin Schuman in 2016 where she studies the role of oxytocin in zebrafish. Anja is delighted about the additional funding which she intends to spend on household help and... [more]

Thursday, 09. February 2017

Bright Spots in Brain Cells

Witnessing the birth of a tiny RNA at brain synapses.  [more]

Monday, 23. January 2017

Sixth IMPRS student graduates

On January 23, Isabelle Chang successfully defended her thesis at the Department of Biological Sciences of the Goethe University. [more]

Saturday, 07. January 2017

Max Planck Society to probe Third-Reich Era Medical Science: thanks to the Institute’s recent activities and investigations

In the most recent issue of Science, journalist Megan Gannon reports on the decision of Max Planck Society’s President Martin Stratmann to nominate an international committee of historians to probe activities of former scientists... [more]