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Single-cell RNA sequencing data from the turtle and lizard pallium

Accompanying data portal for the publication "Evolution of pallium, hippocampus and cortical cell types revealed by single-cell transcriptomics in reptiles" by M. A. Tosches, T. Y. Yamawaki, R. K. Naumann, A. A. Jacobi, G. Tushev and G. Laurent, Science (2018)

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Shein-Idelson, Pammer, Hemberger, Laurent, Nature Methods, 2017

Shein-Idelson, M., Pammer, L., Hemberger, M. and Laurent, G. (2017). Large-scale mapping of cortical synaptic projections with extracellular electrode arrays. Nature Methods 14: 882–890

Link to data:

Shein-Idelson, Ondracek, Liaw, Reiter, Laurent, Science, 2016

Code and data used to produce the figures in Shein-Idelson et al.,"Slow Waves, Sharp-waves, Ripples and REM in Sleeping Dragons", Science (2016) can be obtained at:

Shen, Tootoonian and Laurent, Neuron, 2013

Code and data used to produce the figures in Shen et al., "Encoding of Mixtures in a Simple Olfactory System," Neuron (2013) can be obtained at:


StimOMatic is the accompanying code for the 2013 publication "A method for closed-loop presentation of sensory stimuli conditional on the internal brain-state of awake animals" by U. Rutishauser, A. Kotowicz and G. Laurent; Journal of Neuroscience Methods (

The initial stable version is available for download here.
For up to date releases visit


SpikeOMatic is the accompanying code for the 2002 publication "Using noise signature to optimize spike-sorting and to assess neuronal classification quality" by C. Pouzat, O. Mazor and G. Laurent; Journal of Neuroscience Methods (

The software can be downloaded here.
Corresponding electrophysiological data can be downloaded here.