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Year 2014

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Year 2012

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Year 2011

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Year 2010

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Year 2008

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Year 2007

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Year 2006

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Year 2004

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Year 2003

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Year 2002

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Year 1999

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Year 1998

Palmer, A.; Gavin, A.C. and Nebreda,A.R. (1998) "A link between MAP Kinase and p34cdc2/cyclinB during oocyte maturation: p90rsk associates with and phosphorylates the p34cdc2 inhibitory kinase Myt1” EMBO J., 17: 5037-5047.

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Year 1996

Palmer, A.; Rivett, A.J.; Thomson, S.; Hendil, K.B.; Butcher, G.W.; Fuertes, G. and Knecht, E. (1996)  "Subpopulations of proteasomes in rat liver nuclei, microsomes and cytosol" Biochem. J., 316:401-407.

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Year 1995

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Year 1994

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Year 1993

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Year 1992

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Year 1991

Knecht, E.; Palmer, A.; Sweeney, S.T. and Rivett, A.J. (1991) "Inmunocytochemical Localization of the Multicatalytic Proteinase in Rat Liver and L-132 Cells" Biochem. Soc. Trans. 19:239S