Research Units

In addition to the full Departments and the Max Research Groups, the institute has two Research Units:



Upcoming Lectures and Events

17 March 2015

Special Lecture by Michael Stryker (Center for Integrative Neuroscience, University of California San Francisco, USA)

Title: "A neural circuit that regulates cortical state and plasticity " [more]

18 March 2015

Neuroscience Lecture by Yishi Jin (UC San Diego, USA)

Title: "Regulatory RNA processing in neuronal development" [more]

23 March 2015

Special Lecture by Fabian Theis (Institute of Computational Biology, HelmholtzZentrum münchen, Germany)

Title: "On the modeling of signaling dynamics and metabolite networks" [more]

25 March 2015

Neuroscience Lecture by Jeffrey Magee (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm, USA)

Title: "A fundamental computation in cortical microcircuits" [more]

15 April 2015

Neuroscience Lecture by Simon Laughlin (University of Cambridge, UK)

Title t.b.a. [more]