In the year 2008, Bastian Karst, Sebastian Linder and Florian Steden founded the event agency called Kalist.

The name is a combination of the first two letters of the three founders last names. Because of job-related reasons Florian Steden left the company in 2009, but the remaining two founders decided to keep the name.

From then on Karst and Linder successfully planned numerous events of all kinds in the Rhein/Main area. No matter what kind of event, from weddings to company functions or promotional parties, Karst and Linder always fully satisfied the expectations and needs of the clients and guests.

With the grand opening of the restaurant in July 2011, the two owners wanted to be more independent by having their own kitchen. From the beginning Sasha Doering was the chef. Doering had already worked in renowned restaurants in Freiburg, Cologne and also Frankfurt where he spoiled the guests with his culinary expertise.

In 2012, Kalist was honored with many awards. First place from with the “hessischen Gastronomiepreis” in the “fein und wein” category. And also from the Journal Frankfurt in their yearly edition “Rhein-main goes out 2013”, second place in the category of “The Best Restaurants around Frankfurt”

In addition to the first restaurant and event agency, a new line of business was developed by the Frankfurt Riedberg group. “Minerva - Restaurant / bistro / cafe by Kalist” is the name of the new project.




Bastian Karst
Minerva Bistro

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