The Proteomics and Membrane mass spectrometry group comprises a shared lab by the Max Planck Institutes for Brain Research and Biophysics. Here we provide customized tools, develop mass spectrometry-based methods for and work on specific research projects. By combining the resources of both MPIs, we are able to provide a wide range of MS methods including analyses of specific membrane components and full length proteins, PTM and functional studies, targeted analyses of enriched sub-proteomes, and qualitative and quantitative assays of whole cell or tissue lysates (Biophysics-related methods on this page).

Our instrumentation includes analytical (Dionex U3000) and nano UPLCs (Dionex U3000, Bruker nanoAdvance and Proxeon easy-nLC), spotting robots (Bruker Proteineer fc), chip-based (Advion Triversa NanoMate) nano ESI-sources and Thermo Fisher Orbitrap Elite, Q Exactive Plus, Bruker maXis and Autoflex III Smartbeam mass spectrometers. As of January 2015, we will also operate a Waters Synapt G2-Si HDMS ETD with a nanoAcquity M-class UPLC.

Head of the Proteomics Lab
Dr. Julian D. Langer Pubmed
T: +49 69 850033 2500 (office)
T: +49 69 850033 2501 (lab)