Modern Techniques in neuroscience

The Modern techniques in neuroscience course covers a wide range of modern neuroscience, biological and analytical techniques used to address the relevant questions in neuroscience.
IMPRS students will receive 2.5 EC. The courses are open for (doctoral) students and postdocs from the neuroscience community in the Rhine-Main area. Registration (by sending an email to the IMPRS coordinator) is however compulsory.
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DateTimeSubject LecturerLocation
April 119.00-17.00Introduction to MatLabJulijana Gjorgjieva (MPI-BR)MPI-BR
April 129.00-17.00Signal Processing for Neuroscience: theory and practiceJulijana Gjorgjieva (MPI-BR)MPI-BR
April 189.00-17.00Viral vectors and optogenetics: theory and practiceJohannes Letzkus (MPI-BR)MPI-BR
April 199.00-17.00 Basics of electrophysiology: theory and practiceChristian Müller (MPI-BR)MPI-BR
April 269.00-17.00Basics of molecular neurobiology: theory and practiceAnne Biever, Maria Tosches and Vidhya Rangaraju (MPI-BR)MPI-BR (Teaching Lab)
May 2 and 39.00-17.00Basics of optics and imagingStephan Junek and Laurent Moreaux (Caltech)MPI-BR (Teaching Lab)
May 99.00-17.00Introduction to statisticsStefan Albert (Goethe University)MPI-BR
May 109.00-13.00Image analysisStephan Junek (MPI-BR)MPI-BR
May 1014.00-17.00Scientific ComputingGeorgi Tushev (MPI-BR)MPI-BR




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