Thesis Proposal Day

At the Thesis Proposal Day, IMPRS students will report which research they did during their rotations and introduce their project for the remainder of their doctoral studies, as well as motivate their choice of lab. The Thesis Proposal Day is open to everyone. No pre-registration is required.

This year's Thesis Proposal Day for the eighth-generation of IMPRS students will be organised on Thursday May 16 from 9.00 to 13.00 hours at the Lecture hall of the MPI for Brain Research. Please find the schedule below (rotation labs between brackets).

9.00-9.15     Welcome and introduction by Gilles Laurent    

Chair: Theodosia Woo (Laurent)
9:15-9:45      Teresa Spano (Acker-Palmer/Schuman) Title: "Understanding neuronal local translation in vitro  to in vivo"
9:45-10:15    Pierre Ekelmans (Tchumatchenko) Title: "Why the N to infinity limit cannot be used to describe recurrent neural networks"
10:15-10:45    Danylo Batulin (Tchumatchenko/Triesch) Title: " Studying the role of neuroimmune interactions in Epileptogenesis"
10:45-11:15    Susanne Babl (Ito/Sigurdsson) Title: " How interactions between dorsal hippocampus and medial prefrontal cortex facilitate spatial working memory "

11:15-11:30    Coffee break

Chair: Lukas Anneser (Schuman)
11:30-12:00    Sigrid Trägenap (Fries/Kaschube) Title: " Self-consistency: an organizing principle in neural development? "
12:00-12:30    Jan Kirchner (Gjorgjieva/Lohmann) Title: " Dendritic plasticity driven by spontaneous activity organizes synaptic inputs"
12:30-13:00    Shuai Shao (Gjorgjieva/Helmstaedter) Title: " Theoretical principles of neuronal coding in different sensory systems "

13.00-     Closed session with Faculty