IMPRS Doctoral Students

Sixth-generation IMPRS doctoral students.

Sixth-generation IMPRS doctoral students (2016):

  • Lukas Anneser (Germany, Schuman Lab)     
  • Anja Gemmer (Germany, Schuman Lab)   
  • Philipp Hülsdunk (Germany, Laurent Lab)   
  • Christini Katsanevaki (Greece, Fries Lab)
  • Joeri van Wijngaarden (the Netherlands, Ito Lab)  
  • Yiling Yang (China, Laurent Lab)
  • Yufeng Zhang (China, Fries Lab)   

Fifth-generation IMPRS doctoral students.

Fifth-generation IMPRS doctoral students (2015):

  • Diane Bissen (Belgium, Acker-Palmer Lab)
  • Claudia Fusco (Italy, Schuman Lab)
  • Maximilian Heumüller (Germany, Schuman Lab)
  • Tim Herfurth (Germany, Tchumatchenko Lab)
  • Felix Hoffmann (Germany, Triesch Lab)
  • Dewi Husainie (Indonesia, Acker-Palmer Lab)
  • Laura Mohr (Germany, Acker-Palmer Lab)
  • Kanako Otomo (Japan, Röper Lab)
  • Fabio Sartori (Italy, Tchumatchenko Lab)
  • Nesli Ece Sen (Turkey, Auburger Lab)
  • Theodosia Woo (Hong Kong, Laurent Lab)
  • Kenrick Yap (Singapore, Deller Lab)

Fourth-generation IMPRS doctoral students.

Fourth-generation IMPRS doctoral students (2014):

  • Bruno del Papa (Brazil/Italy, Triesch Lab)
  • Bettina Hein (Germany, Kaschube Lab)
  • Patrick Jendritza (Germany, Fries Lab)
  • Liane Klein (Germany, Singer Lab)
  • Lisa Kochen (Germany, Schuman Lab)
  • Hua-Peng Liaw (Taiwan, Laurent Lab)
  • Mantian Wang (Austria, Schuman Lab)

Third-generation IMPRS doctoral students.

Third-generation IMPRS doctoral students (2013):

  • Elisabeth Abs (Germany, Letzkus Lab)
  • Tamas Dalmay (United Kingdom, Letzkus Lab)
  • Caspar Glock (Germany, Schuman Lab)
  • Stephan Grein (Germany, Queisser Lab)
  • LaShae Nicholson (United States, Acker-Palmer Lab)

Second-generation IMPRS doctoral students. Also on the picture are Ulisses Marti-Mengual and Andres Laan.

Second-generation IMPRS doctoral students (2012):

  • Kauê Costa (Brazil, Röper Lab) 
  • Christoph Hartmann (Germany, Triesch Lab): graduated on November 25, 2016
  • Kasper Langebeck-Jensen (Denmark, Schuman Lab)
  • Alina Peter (Germany, Fries Lab)
  • Katharine Shapcott (United Kingdom, Schmid Lab)
  • Alexandra Wellner (Germany, Diester Lab)

First-generation IMPRS doctoral students. Also on the picture are Hatice Yigit, currently at the Mainz University and Bolek Zapiec, currently at the MPI of Biophysics.

First-generation IMPRS doctoral students (2011):

  • Marcel Beining (Germany, Cuntz/Deller Lab) 
  • Nadine Brehm (Germany, Auburger Lab): graduated on September 16, 2015
  • Isabelle Chang (France, Mombaerts Lab): graduated on January 23, 2017
  • Jarrod Dowdall (Canada, Fries Lab)
  • Irina Epstein (Germany, Schuman Lab): graduated on December 8, 2016
  • Melanie Heck (Germany, Auburger Lab): graduated on July 28, 2015
  • Eva Harde (Germany, Acker-Palmer Lab): graduated on October 6, 2015
  • Sylvie Kutterer (Germany, Röper Lab)
  • Jianguang Ni (China, Fries Lab)
  • Andreas Strehl (Germany, Vlachos/Deller Lab)




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