Scientific Advisory Board

The scientific work of the Institute is evaluated every two years by an international panel of independent experts, forming the Scientific Advisory Board (SAB).

Members of the current panel are:

Prof. Dr. Silvia ARBER
Basel University, Biozentrum, Switzerland

Prof. Dr. György BUZSÁKI
New York University, New York, USA

Prof. Dr. Mark ELLISMAN
University of California, San Diego Center for Research in Biological Systems, USA

Prof. Dr. Kristen M. HARRIS
University of Texas, Center for Learning and Memory, USA

Prof. Dr. Jeff LICHTMAN
Harvard University, Harvard Medical School Molecular and Cellular Biology, USA

Prof. Dr. Eve MARDER
Brandeis University, Volen Center and Biology Department, USA

Prof. Dr. Joshua SANES
Harvard University, Center for Brain Science, USA

Prof. Dr. Carla SHATZ
Stanford University, USA

SAB members, directors, research group leaders, and Vice President on the occasion of the institute evaluation in February 2016.