Service Staff

Our Institute is largely self-sufficient. In addition to our academic departments, we also have a variety of academic and non-academic service groups, including electron microscopy, bioinformatics, proteomics, IT, electronics, the mechanical workshop, facility management and the animal house. The goal of our colleagues in the service groups is to fully support the work of the scientists in all matters, i.e. provide positive support in all situations with both help and advice. We are pleased to offer highly qualified professionals the possibility of supporting our scientists in their work. In our contracts, we agree to the application and validity of the collective agreement for public service (TVöD Bund).

Necessary skills
If you enjoy working in an international research environment, are always happy to work with people from different cultural backgrounds, enjoy being the daily point of reference for people with questions, are sufficiently enthusiastic to constantly embark on new challenges and like pragmatically solving the variety of tricky challenges day-to-day life poses, then this is the job for you.

What to expect?
A young, international team, full of energy and highly professional, awaits you. Our Institute is currently in a period of radical change due to a generational change and the Institute's new construction on the Riedberg Campus. Two new Directors - Prof. Dr. Erin Schuman and Prof. Dr. Gilles Laurent - were appointed to the Institute in 2008. Both are from the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena and began their work in the summer of 2009 in Frankfurt am Main. Since April 2013, they are working in the new MPI for Brain Research building.

How to apply?
The application process for our Institute varies. For an advertised opening, the call for applications will specify whether the application should be sent by email or by the more traditional postal route. Often, email applications are preferred. You are also welcome to express your interest in working with us even if no vacancies have been announced. Please contact our Human Resources Department to enquire whether an unsolicited application would be worthwhile. Please note that we do not return application documents; your documents will be destroyed after two months.