Impressions at the inauguration

Inauguration at the lecture hall (photo: Max Heumüller)
Alex Jacobowitz (photo: Gilles Laurent)
The xylophone (photo: Brigitte Sinke)
Gayle Chong Kwan (photo: Gilles Laurent)
People at the entrance (photo: Brigitte Sinke)
Discussions (photo: Max Heumüller)

Speakers at the inauguration

Erin Schuman (photo: Gilles Laurent)
Boris Rhein (photo: Gilles Laurent)
Gunter Henn (photo: Gilles Laurent)
Herbert Jäckle (photo: Gilles Laurent)
Heinz Wässle (photo: Gilles Laurent)
Wolf Singer (photo: Gilles Laurent)

minds in motion

Multimedia (photo: Gilles Laurent)
Interviews with the Institute's people (photo: Max Heumüller)
Touch panels (photo: Max Heumüller)
Research areas (photo: Brigitte Sinke)
Women in science (photo: Tracy Yamawaki)
Important female neuroscientists (photo: Brigitte Sinke)
Instruments and places (photo: Max Heumüller)
Microtome (photo: Tracy Yamawaki)
Anniversary book "minds in motion" (photo: Max Heumüller)




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