Rogier Poorthuis

Rogier Poorthuis

Stay tuned: neuronal networks for attention.

Our lives are characterized by an ever increasing amount of stimuli. How does the brain cope with so much information? Attention is an important cognitive function which allows us to select relevant stimuli and filter out information that is not necessary for the moment. My aim is to understand how the brain is able to do this. In particular I focus on which cell types are present in the brain and how their electrical activity contributes to the behavior. A second part of my research deals with the human brain. I make electrical recordings of human neurons from tissue that had to be resected from human epilepsy patients. I investigate whether principles we found in the mouse brain also hold for the human brain, in other words I want to know whether our research is translatable. During the talk I will tell you how we approach these questions in the lab and what our findings are.
Dr. Rogier Poorthuis is postdoc at the Max Planck institute for Brain Research and lives in Germany now for over three years. Originally he comes from the Netherlands were he started to make electrical recordings from mouse neurons.



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