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Year 2021

Wosniack, M. E. , Kirchner, J. H., Chao,  L.-Y., Zabouri, N., Lohmann, C. and Gjorgjieva, J. Adaptation of spontaneous activity in the developing visual cortex. eLife 10:e61619 (March 16, 2021)

Perez J.D., tom Dieck, S., Alvarez-Castelao, B., Tushev, G. Chan I.C.W., Schuman E.M,. Subcellular sequencing of single neurons reveals the dendritic transcriptome of GABAergic interneurons. eLife. (January 6, 2021



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Year 2020

Gour A., Boergens K.M., Heike N., Hua Y., Laserstein P., Song K., Helmstaedter M.. Postnatal connectomic development of inhibition in mouse barrel cortex. Science. (December 3, 2020)

Anneser, L., Alcantara, I., Gemmer, A., Mirkes, K., Ryu, S., and Schuman, E.M. (2020). The neuropeptide pth2 dynamically senses others via mechanosensation. Nature. (December 2, 2020)

Sauer, A., T. Grent-‘t-Jong, M. Wibral, M. Grube, W. Singer and P.J. Uhlhaas: A MEG study of visual repetition priming in schizophrenia: Evidence for impaired high-frequency oscillations and event-related fields in thalamo-occipital cortices. Frontiers in Psychiatry 11: 561973 (1-14) (2020). (23. Nov. 2020)

Pardi M.B., Vogenstahl J., Dalmay T., Spanò T., Pu D., Naumann L.B., Kretschmer F., Sprekeler H., Letzkus J.J. A thalamocortical top-down circuit for associative memory. Science. (November 13, 2020)

Van Wijngaarden J.B.G, Babl S.S., Ito H.T. (2020). Entorhinal-retrosplenial circuits for allocentric-egocentric transformation of boundary coding. eLife. (November 3, 2020)

Sartori F., Hafner A.S., Karimi A., Nold A., Fonkeu Y., Schuman E.M., Tchumatchenko T. (2020). Statistical laws of protein motion in neuronal dendritic trees. Cell Reports. (November 17, 2020)

Y. Wu, K. B. Hengen, G. G. Turrigiano and J. Gjorgjieva (2020). Homeostatic mechanisms regulate distinct aspects of cortical circuit dynamics. PNAS (September 11, 2020)

Shapcott, K.A., J.T. Schmiedt, K. Kouroupaki, R. Kienitz, A. Lazar, W. Singer and M.C. Schmid: Reward-related suppression of neural activity in Macaque visual area V4. Cerebral Cortex 30(9): 4871-4881 (2020). (30. Jul. 2020)

L. Montangie, C. Miehl and J. Gjorgjieva (2020). Autonomous emergence of connectivity assemblies via spike triplet interactions. PLoS Comput Biol 16(5):e1007835 (May 8, 2020)

K.P. Siju, V. Štih, S. Aimon, J. Gjorgjieva, R. Portugues and I.C. Grunwald Kadow (2020). Valence and state-dependent population coding in dopaminergic neurons in the fly mushroom body. Curr Biol. S0960-9822(20)30551-0. (May 6, 2020)

Keogh, R., J. Bergmann and J. Pearson. (2020). Cortical excitability controls the strength of mental imagery. eLife 9: e50232 (1-33) (May 5, 2020)

Klein, L., F. Pothof, B. C. Raducanu, J. Klon-Lipok, K. A. Shapcott, S. Musa, A. Andrei, Aarts A. A. A. , Paul O., Singer W., and Ruther P.. (2020). High-density electrophysiological recordings in macaque using a chronically implanted 128-channel passive silicon probe. Journal of Neural Engineering 17: 026036 (1-10). (April 28, 2020)

Alvarez-Castelao, B., tom Dieck, S., Fusco, C.M., Donlin-Asp, P.G., Perez, J.D., and Schuman, E.M. (2020). The switch-like expression of Heme-regulated kinase 1 mediates neuronal proteostasis following proteasome inhibition. eLife 2020 pii: e52714 (April 24, 2020)

S. Onasch and J. Gjorgjieva (2020). Circuit stability to perturbations reveals hidden variability in the balance of intrinsic and synaptic conductances. J Neurosci 40(16):3186–3202 (April 15, 2020)

Dörrbaum, A.R., Alvarez-Castelao, B., Nassim-Assir, B., Langer, J.D., and Schuman, E.M. (2020). Proteome dynamics during homeostatic scaling in cultured neurons. eLife 2020;9:e52939 (April 2, 2020)

R. E. Field, J. A. D'amour, R. Tremblay, C. Miehl, B. Rudy, J. Gjorgjieva and R. C. Froemke (2020). Heterosynaptic plasticity determines the set-point for cortical excitatory-inhibitory balance. Neuron 106(5):842-854.e4 (March 25, 2020)

Shahar, O.D. and Schuman, E.M. (2020). Large scale cell-type-specific imaging of protein synthesis in a vertebrate brain. eLife, 2020;9:e50564. (February 24, 2020)

Reiter S., Laurent G. Visual perception and cuttlefish camouflage. Current Opinion in Neurobiology. 2020 Feb;60:47-54. (February, 2020)

Norimoto H., Fenk L.A., Li HH., Tosches M.A.,2, Gallego-Flores T., Hain D., Reiter S., Kobayashi R., Macias A., Arends A., Klinkmann M., Laurent G. A claustrum in reptiles and its role in slow-wave sleep. Nature. 2020 Feb;578(7795):413-418 (February 12, 2020)

Biever, A., Glock, C., Tushev, G., Ciirdaeva, E., Dalmay, T., Langer, J.T. and Schuman, E.M. (2020). Monosomes actively translate synaptic mRNAs in neuronal processes. Science 367. (January 31, 2020)

Onorato, I., S. Neuenschwander, J. Hoy, B. Lima, K.-S. Rocha, A.C. Broggini, C. Uran, G. Spyropoulos, J. Klon-Lipok, T. Womelsdorf, P. Fries, C. Niell, W. Singer and M. Vinck: A distinct class of bursting neurons with strong gamma synchronization and stimulus selectivity in monkey V1. Neuron 105(1): 180-197 (2020). (January 8, 2020)

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Year 2019

Luck, R., Urban, S., Karakatsani, A., Harde, E., Sambandan, S., Nicholson, L., Haverkamp, S., Mann, R., Martin-Villalba, A., Schuman, E. M., Acker-Palmer A., and de Almodovar, C. R. (2019). VEGF/VEGFR2 signaling regulates hippocampal axon branching during development. eLife 8:e49818. (December 23, 2019)

Dalmay T., Abs E., Poorthuis R.B., Hartung J., Pu D., Onasch S., Lozano Y.R., Signoret-Genest J., Gjorgieva J., Letzkus J.J. (2019) A critical role for neocortical processing of threat memory. Neuron, 104:1180-1194. (December 18, 2020)

Wang, X., You, X., Langer, J., Hou, J., Rupprecht, F., Vlatkovic, I., Quedenau, C., Tushev, G., Epstein, I., Schaefke, B., Sun, W., Fang, L., Li, G., Hu, Y., Schuman, E.M., and Chen, W. (2019). Full-length transcriptome reconstruction reveals a large diversity of RNA and protein isoforms in rat hippocampus. Nature Communications, 10 (1):5009. (November 2019)

Motta A., Berning M., Boergens K., Staffler B., Beining M., Loomba S., Hennig P., Wissler H., Helmstaedter M. Dense connectomic reconstruction in layer 4 of the somatosensory cortex. Science 366 (6469). (November 24, 2019)

Chauvière, L. and W. Singer: Neurofeedback training of gamma oscillations in monkey primary visual cortex. Cerebral Cortex 29(11): 4785-4802. (November, 2019.

Galuske, R.A.W., M.H.J. Munk and W. Singer: Relation between gamma oscillations and neuronal plasticity in the visual cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 116(46): 23317-23325 (October 28, 2019).

Wang, M., Hou, J., Müller-McNicoll, M. Chen, W., and Schuman, E.M. (2019). Long and repeat-rich intronic sequences favor circRNA formation under conditions of reduced spliceosome activity. iScience, 20, 237-247. (October 25, 2019)

Singer, W.: A naturalistic approach to the hard problem of consciousness. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 13: 58 (1-9) (October 25, 2019).

Fonkeu Y., Kraynyukova N., Hafner A.-S., Kochen L., Sartori F., Schuman E.M,
Tchumatchenko T. (2019). How mRNA Localization and Protein Synthesis Sites
Influence Dendritic Protein Distribution and Dynamics. Neuron, 103(6):1109-1122.e7 (September 25, 2019)

A. Torrado Pacheco, E. I. Tilden, S. M. Gruztner, B. Lane, Y. Wu, K. B. Hengen, J. Gjorgjieva, G. G. Turrigiano (2019). Rapid and active stabilization of visual cortical firing rates across light-dark transitions. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 116:18068-18077. (September 3, 2019).

S. Sayin, J.-F. De Backer, M. E. Wosniack, L. Lewis, K.P. Siju, L.-M. Frisch,  P. Schlegel, A. Edmondson-Stait, N. Sharifi, C.B. Fisher, S. Calle-Schuler, S. Lauritzen, D. Bock, M. Costa, G.S.X.E. Jefferis, J. Gjorgjieva, I. C. Grunwald Kadow (2019). A neural circuit arbitrates between perseverance and reward in hungry Drosophila.(August 27, 2019)

Hemberger, M., Shein-Idelson, M., Pammer, L., and Laurent, G. (2019). Reliable sequential activation of neural assemblies by single pyramidal cells in a three-layered cortex. Neuron 104: 353-369. (Aug 19, 2019)

Heumüller, M., Glock, C., Biever, A., Rangaraju, V. and Schuman, E.M. (2019).  A genetically encodable protein synthesis inhibitor. Nature Methods,16, 699-702. (July 15, 2019)

Chauvière, L., F. Pothof, K.S. Gansel, J. Klon-Lipok, A.A.A. Aarts, T. Holzhammer, O. Paul, W.J. Singer and P. Ruther: In vivo recording quality of mechanically decoupled floating versus skull-fixed silicon-based neural probes. Frontiers in Neuroscience 13: 464 (1-12) (May 17, 2019).

Hafner, A.S., Donlin-Asp, P.G., Leitch, B., Herzog, E., and Schuman, E.M. (2019). Local protein synthesis is a ubiquitous feature of neuronal pre- and postsynaptic compartments. Science, 364, (6441), 650. (May 17, 2019)

Jurjut, O.F., M. Gheorghiu, W. Singer, D. Nikolic and R.C. Muresan: Hold your methods! How multineuronal firing ensembles can be studied using classical spike-train analysis techniques. Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience 13: 21 (1-10) (May 17, 2019).

Tosches, M.A. and Laurent, G. (2019). Evolution of neuronal identity in the cerebral cortex. Curr Opin Neurobiol. 56: 199-208. (May 16, 2019)

Quentin, R., J.-R. King, E. Sallard, N. Fishman, R. Thompson, E.R. Buch and L.G. Cohen: Differential brain mechanisms of selection and maintenance of information during working memory. The Journal of Neuroscience 39(19): 3728-3740 (May 8, 2019).

Motta A., Schurr M., Staffler B., Helmstaedter M. Big data in nanoscale connectomics, and the greed for training labels. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 55:180-187. (April, 2019)

Pardi, M.B., Abs, E., and Letzkus, J.J. (2019). Disinhibition goes spatial. Neuron 101:994-996. (March 20, 2019)

Biever, A., Donlin-Asp, P.G., and Schuman, E.M. (2019). Local translation in neuronal processes. Current Opinion in Neurobiology, 57: 141-148. (March 11, 2019)

Grent-‘t-Jong, T., D. Rivolta, J. Gross, R. Gajwani, S.M. Lawrie, M. Schwannauer, T. Heidegger, M. Wibral, W. Singer, A. Sauer, B. Scheller and P.J. Uhlhaas: Acute ketamine dysregulates task-related gamma-band oscillations in thalamo-cortical circuits in schizophrenia. Brain 141: 2511-2526 (2018). (February 26, 2019)

Lazar, A., C. Lewis, P. Fries, W. Singer and D. Nikolic: Visual exposure optimizes stimulus encoding in primary visual cortex. bioRxiv online Dec. 20, 2018: 1-24 (2018). (February 26, 2019)

van Leeuwen, T., A. Sauer, A.-M. Jurjut, M. Wibral, P.J. Uhlhaas, W. Singer and L. Melloni: Perceptual phenotypes: Perceptual gains and losses in synesthesia and schizophrenia. bioRxiv online Oct. 16, 2018: 1-16 (2018). (February 26, 2019)

Bányai, M., A. Lazar, L. Klein, J. Klon-Lipok, M. Stippinger, W. Singer and G. Orbán: Stimulus complexity shapes response correlations in primary visual cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 116(7): 2723-2732 (2019). (February 26, 2019)

Mockett, B., Guevremont, D., Elder, M., Parfitt, K., Peppercorn, K., Morrissey, J., Singh, A., Hintz, T., Kochen, L., tom Dieck, S., Schuman, E.M., Tate, W., Williams, J., and Abraham, W. (2019). Glutamate receptor trafficking and protein synthesis mediate the facilitation of LTP by secreted amyloid precursor protein-alpha. Journal of Neuroscience, in press. (February 22, 2019)

Böger, C., Hafner, A.S., Schlichthärle, T., Strauss, M.T., Malkusch, S., Endesfelder, U., Jungmann, R., Schuman, E.M., and Heilemann, M. (2019). Super-resolution imaging and estimation of protein copy numbers at single synapses with DNA-PAINT. Neurophotonics, 6 (3), 035008. (February 22, 2019)

Bányai, M., A. Lazar, L. Klein, J. Klon-Lipok, M. Stippinger, W. Singer and G. Orbán: Stimulus complexity shapes response correlations in primary visual cortex. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 116(7): 2723-2732. (February 12, 2019)

Peter, A., C. Uran, J. Klon-Lipok, R. Roese, S. van Stijn, W. Barnes, J.R. Dowdall, W. Singer, P. Fries and M. Vinck: Surface color and predictability determine contextual modulation of V1 firing and gamma oscillations. eLife 8: e42101 (1-38) (February 4, 2019).

Alvarez-Castelao, B., Schanzenbaecher, C.T., Langer, J.D., and Schuman, E.M. (2019). Cell-type-specific metabolic labeling, detection and identification of nascent proteomes in vivo. Nature Protocols, published online on January 4, 2019. (January 8, 2019)

Rangaraju, V., Lauterbach, M., and Schuman, E.M. (2019). Spatially stable mitochondrial compartments fuel local translation during synaptic plasticity.  Cell, 176, 1-12. (January 8, 2019)

Z.P. Kilpatrick, J. Gjorgjieva, R. Rosenbaum (2019) Special Issue from the 2017 International Conference on Mathematical Neuroscience. J Math Neurosci 9:1. (January 7, 2019)

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Year 2018

Malkemper, E.P., Peichl, L. (2018) Retinal photoreceptor and ganglion cell types and topographies in the red fox (Vulpes vulpes) and Arctic fox (Vulpes lagopus). Journal of Comparative Neurology 526: 2078-2098. (November 15, 2018)

Lutz, N.D., Lemes, E., Krubitzer, L., Collin, S.P., Haverkamp, S., Peichl, L. (2018) The rod signaling pathway in marsupial retinae. PLOS ONE 13(8): e0202089. (November 15, 2018)

Nießner, C., Denzau, S., Peichl, L., Wiltschko, W., Wiltschko, R. (2018) Magnetoreception: activation of avian cryptochrome 1a in various light conditions. Journal of Comparative Physiology A 204: 977-984. (November 15, 2018)

Grent-‘t-Jong, T., Gross, J., Goense, J., Wibral, M., Gajwani, R., Gumley, A.I., Lawrie, S.M., Schwannauer, M., Schultze-Lutter, F., Navarro Schröder, T., Koethe, D., Leweke, F.M., Singer, W. and Uhlhaas, P.J. (2018). Resting-state gamma-band power alterations in schizophrenia reveal E/I-balance abnormalities across illness-stages. eLife 7: e37799. (October 26, 2018)

Merkel, N., Wibral, M., Bland, G. and Singer, W. (2018). Endogenously generated gamma-band oscillations in early visual cortex: A neurofeedback study. Human Brain Mapping 39(9): 3487-3502. (October 26, 2018)

Singer, W. (2018). Neuronal oscillations: unavoidable and useful? European Journal of Neuroscience (Special Issue: Neural Oscillations) 48(7): 2389-2398. (October 26, 2018)

Miska, N.J., Richter, L.M.A., Cary, B.A., Gjorgjieva, J. and Turrigiano, G.G. (2018). Sensory deprivation independently regulates neocortical feedforward and feedback excitation-inhibition ratio. eLife 7:e38846 (October 24, 2018)

Reiter, S., Hülsdunk, P., Woo, T., Lauterbach, M.A., Eberle, J.S., Akay, L.A, Longo, A., Meier-Credo, J., Kretschmer, F., Langer, J.D., Kaschube, M. and Laurent, G. (2018). Elucidating the control and development of skin patterning in cuttlefish. Nature 562: 361-366 (October 17, 2018)

Abs, E., Poorthuis, R.B., Apelblat, D., Muhammad, K., Pardi, M.B., Enke, L., Kushinsky, D., Pu, D.,  Eizinger, M.F., Conzelmann, K.K., Spiegel, I., and Letzkus, J.J.  (2018). Learning-Related Plasticity in Dendrite-Targeting Layer 1 Interneurons. Neuron 100: 1-16 (September 27, 2018)

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Drawitsch, F., Karimi, A., Boergens, K.M., Helmstaedter, M. (2018) FluoEM, virtual labeling of axons in 3-dimensional electron microscopy data for long-range connectomics, eLife 7:e38976. (August 14, 2018)

Ito H.T., Moser E.I., Moser M.B. (2018). Supramammillary Nucleus Modulates Spike-Time Coordination in the Prefrontal-Thalamo-Hippocampal Circuit during Navigation. Neuron 8:576-587 (August 8, 2018)

Weil, M.T., Heibeck, S., Töpperwien, M., Tom Dieck, S., Ruhwedel, T., Salditt, T., Rodicio, M.C., Morgan, J.R., Nave, K.A., Möbius, W., Werner, H.B.(2018). Axonal Ensheathment in the Nervous System of Lamprey: Implications for the Evolution of Myelinating Glia. J Neurosci. 18;38(29):6586-6596 (June 25, 2018)

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Dopeso, H., Jiao, H.K., Cuesta, A.M., Henze, A.T., Jurida, L., Kracht, M., Acker-Palmer, A., Garvalov, B.K., Acker, T. (2018). PHD3 Controls Lung Cancer Metastasis and Resistance to EGFR Inhibitors through TGFa Cancer Res. 78(7): 1805-1819. (April 1, 2018)

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Year 2017

Alvarez-Castelao, B., Schanzenbaecher, C.T., Hanus, C., Glock, C., tom Dieck, S., Dörrbaum, A.R., Bartnik, I., Nassim-Assir, B., Ciirdaeva, E., Mueller, A., Dieterich D.C., Tirrell, D.A., Langer, J.D., Schuman, E.M. (2017). Cell-type-specific metabolic labeling of nascent proteomes in vivo. Nature Biotechnology, 35: 1196-1201 (November 6, 2017)

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