Lecture Series Archive

Wednesday, 06. November 2019
Friday, 27. September 2019
Monday, 09. September 2019

Special lecture by Mollie Meffert (John Hopkins School of Medicine)

Growth regulatory MicroRNAs in neuronal function [more]

Wednesday, 04. September 2019
Wednesday, 03. July 2019

Neuroscience Lecture by Marc F. Schmidt, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)

Title: A framework to study the neurobiology of courtship behavior in songbirds [more]

Wednesday, 27. March 2019

Hertie Lecture by Richard Morris (Centre of Cognitive and Neural Systems, University of Edinburgh)

Title: “The neurobiology of the making and keeping of memory” [more]

Wednesday, 20. March 2019

Neuroscience Lecture by Robert Froemke (New York University School of Medicine, USA)

Title: "Oxytocin, synaptic plasticity, and maternal behavior" [more]

Wednesday, 13. March 2019

Neuroscience Lecture by Nicolas Renier (Laboratory of Plasticity, ICM Brain and Spine Institute, Paris)

Title: "Mapping the transparent brain: developments and applications of light sheet microscopy-based imaging" [more]

Tuesday, 05. February 2019
Wednesday, 30. January 2019

Neuroscience Lecture by Elly Nedivi (MIT, Boston, USA)

Ttitle: "Visualizing molecular events in synapse formation in vivo" [more]



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