Lecture Series Archive

Thursday, 04. October 2018

Special Lecture by Michael Lazarus (International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine, University of Tsukuba, Japan)

Title: "Why do we fall asleep when bored? - The gating of sleep by motivated behaviors" [more]

Friday, 22. June 2018

Special Lecture by Hiroki Taniguchi (Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience)

Title: "Wiring Mechanisms for Cortical Inhibitory Circuits" [more]

Tuesday, 05. June 2018
Monday, 30. April 2018
Wednesday, 04. April 2018

Neuroscience Lecture by David Dupret (MRC Brain Network Dynamics Uni, University of Oxford, UK)

Title: "Parsing hippocampal ensembles and acting upon their retrieval" [more]

Monday, 26. March 2018

Special Lecture by Nelson Spruston (Janelia Farm Research Campus, USA)

Title: "Deconstructing memory circuits with cell type-specific resolution" [more]

Friday, 09. March 2018

Special Lecture by Julia Veit (University of California Berkeley, USA)

Title:"Cortical gamma-band synchronization through somatostatin interneurons"  [more]

Wednesday, 31. January 2018

Special Lecture by Zefeng Wang (CAS-MPG Partner Institute of Computational Biology Shanghai, China)

Title: "Increasing Complexity of Human Proteome: From Alternative Splicing to Alternative Translation" [more]

Wednesday, 24. January 2018

Neuroscience Lecture by Susanne Schreiber (Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Institute for Theoretical Biology)

Title: "Temperature and co: tuning into a new dynamical regime of neurons”. [more]

Tuesday, 23. January 2018

Special Lecture/NeuroBioTheory Lecture by Matthew Chalk (Institut de la Vision, Paris, France)

Title: "What do sensory neurons do? Relating theories of neural coding with the information bottleneck." [more]

Thursday, 11. January 2018

Special Lecture by Sebastian Haesler (NERF, Leuven, Belgium)

Title: "Behavioral and neural responses to novelty" [more]



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