Lecture Series Archive

Tuesday, 18. December 2018
Friday, 30. November 2018

Special Lecture by Albert Cardona (Janelia Research Campus, USA and University of Cambridge, UK)

Title: "Analysis of the wiring diagram of the Drosophila larval central nervous system" [more]

Monday, 26. November 2018

Minerva Lecture by Maria Barna (Departments of Developmental Biology and Genetics, Stanford University, USA)

Title: "Ribosome heterogeneity in translating the genetic code: from genes to organisms" [more]

Friday, 16. November 2018

Special Lecture by Hiroki Ueda (The University of Tokyo RIKEN BDR, Kobe, Japan)

Title: "Organism-level systems biology by next-generation genetics and whole-organ cell profiling" [more]

Tuesday, 13. November 2018
Friday, 05. October 2018

Ethics in Science Lecture by Sarah Chan (University of Edinburgh Centre for Biomedicine Self and Society, UK)

Title: "Toward a Global Germline Ethics: Facing humanity's genome-edited future?" [more]

Thursday, 04. October 2018

Special Lecture by Michael Lazarus (International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine, University of Tsukuba, Japan)

Title: "Why do we fall asleep when bored? - The gating of sleep by motivated behaviors" [more]

Friday, 22. June 2018

Special Lecture by Hiroki Taniguchi (Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience)

Title: "Wiring Mechanisms for Cortical Inhibitory Circuits" [more]

Tuesday, 05. June 2018
Monday, 30. April 2018
Wednesday, 04. April 2018

Neuroscience Lecture by David Dupret (MRC Brain Network Dynamics Uni, University of Oxford, UK)

Title: "Parsing hippocampal ensembles and acting upon their retrieval" [more]



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