Lecture Series Archive

Friday, 27. September 2019
Monday, 09. September 2019

Special lecture by Mollie Meffert (John Hopkins School of Medicine)

Growth regulatory MicroRNAs in neuronal function [more]

Wednesday, 04. September 2019
Wednesday, 03. July 2019

Neuroscience Lecture by Marc F. Schmidt, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania)

Title: A framework to study the neurobiology of courtship behavior in songbirds [more]

Wednesday, 27. March 2019

Hertie Lecture by Richard Morris (Centre of Cognitive and Neural Systems, University of Edinburgh)

Title: “The neurobiology of the making and keeping of memory” [more]

Wednesday, 20. March 2019

Neuroscience Lecture by Robert Froemke (New York University School of Medicine, USA)

Title: "Oxytocin, synaptic plasticity, and maternal behavior" [more]

Wednesday, 13. March 2019

Neuroscience Lecture by Nicolas Renier (Laboratory of Plasticity, ICM Brain and Spine Institute, Paris)

Title: "Mapping the transparent brain: developments and applications of light sheet microscopy-based imaging" [more]

Tuesday, 05. February 2019
Wednesday, 30. January 2019

Neuroscience Lecture by Elly Nedivi (MIT, Boston, USA)

Ttitle: "Visualizing molecular events in synapse formation in vivo" [more]

Wednesday, 23. January 2019



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