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Year 2019


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Year 2018

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Year 2017

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Year 2016

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Year 2014

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Year 2013

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Year 2011

J. Gjorgjieva, C. Clopath, J. Audet and J.-P. Pfister (2011). A triplet spike-timing-dependent plasticity model generalizes the Bienenstock-Cooper-Munro rule to higher-order spatiotemporal correlations. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 108:19383-19388.

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Year 2009

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Year 2007

J. Gjorgjieva and J. Jacobsen (2007). Turing Patterns on Growing Spheres: The Exponential Case. Discrete Contin Dyn Syst Series A, suppl: 436-445.

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Year 2005

J. Gjorgjieva, K. Smith, G. Chowell, F. Sanchez, J. Snyder, C. Castillo-Chavez (2005). The Role of Vaccination in the Control of SARS Math Biosci Eng 2: 753-769.