Singer Emeritus Group

Dr. Laetitia Chauvière
T: +49 69 96769-272
F: +49 69 96769-327

Research interests

We know that cognition implies a network of many structures which communicates with each other to give rise to a given behavior/state. For that, synchronization within and between structures is crucial. Looking at the inputs from the synchronized area, reflected predominantly by the local field potential (LFP), as well as the outputs from the same area, predominantly reflected by the spiking activity of neurons, means that analyzing spiking and LFP activities simultaneously recorded in multiple areas, via multi-sites recordings, could be especially useful for investigating dynamic interactions between these brain areas. For this purpose, the precise timing/coordination (within milliseconds) of neurons and ensembles of neurons over these structures is critical and associated with oscillations.
My main research interest thus focuses on the study of the precise temporal dependency between spiking and oscillatory activities, especially in the gamma frequency range, well described in visual processing and cognition, trying to yield causal relationships between precise neuronal timing and a specific behavioral/cognitive outcome, studying the role of cortical dynamics in information processing.

Key publications
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