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Year 2017

Herfurth, T. and Tchumatchenko, T. (2017). How linear response shaped models of neural circuits and the quest for alternatives. Curr Opinion in Neurobiology 46: 234-240.

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Year 2016

A. Dettner, S. M├╝nzberg, T. Tchumatchenko (2016). Temporal pairwise spike correlations fully capture single-neuron information. Nature Communications 15: 13805.

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Year 2015

L. A. Gatys, A. S. Ecker, T Tchumatchenko, and M Bethge (2015). Synaptic unreliability facilitates information transmission in balanced cortical populations. Phys Rev E 91:062707

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Year 2014

T. Tchumatchenko* and C. Clopath* (*equal contribution) (2014). Oscillations emerging from noise-driven steady state in networks with electrical synapses and subthreshold resonance. Nature Communications 5:5512

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E. Di Bernardino, J. Leon and T. Tchumatchenko (2014). Cross-Correlations and Joint Gaussianity in Multivariate Level Crossing Models. J Math Neurosci 4:22

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Year 2013

A. Malyshev, T. Tchumatchenko, S. Volgushev, M. Volgushev (2013). Energy-efficient encoding by shifting spikes in neocortical neurons. Eur J Neurosci 38:3181 pdf

T. Tchumatchenko, J. P. Newman, M.-f. Fong, S. M. Potter (2013). Delivery of time-varying stimuli using ChR2. Front Neural Circuits 7:184 pdf

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Year 2011

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Year 2010

T. Tchumatchenko, T. Geisel, M. Volgushev, and F. Wolf (2010). Signatures of synchrony in pairwise count correlations, Front. Comput. Neurosci. 4:1 pdf

T. Tchumatchenko, A. Malyshev, T. Geisel and F. Wolf. (2010). Correlations and synchrony in threshold neuron models, Phys Rev Lett 104:058102 pdf