Broadcasting Fees

A new system
From January 1, 2013, each household pays the same fee for public service broadcasting, regardless of use via television, (car)radio, computer and smartphone, whereas in the old system you had to pay per device.

From when do I have to pay?
The duty to pay starts by the first of the month you took residence. If you moved before January 1, 2013, the obligation to contribute starts January 1, 2013.

Who needs to pay?
There is a standard fee per household. So, if you share an apartment, for example in a "WG", only one person has to pay. The use of a car radio is included.

How much is the fee?
The regular fee (2013) is 17,98 Euro per month or 53,94 Euro per three months.

Do I need to pay?
You are obliged (by German law) to pay. Please note that the contributions are directly used to pay for high-quality German public television and radio.

How do I pay?
You can register via the website

Warning: hoax
Unfortunately, fake letters were sent to households asking people to transfer the fees to a non-official private bank account. But you can easily recognize the letters: 1) The address is "An alle privaten Haushalte im Beitragsgebiet Deutschland" not specifically to your own household and 2) The reference number should be nine digits. In the fake letter, there are more.
Please find a copy of the fake letter here.
If you receive such a letter and already paid the fees, please ignore. If you haven`t pay the fee yet, you may regard it as a reminder to do so (via the official website).




Maren Baier
International Office
T: +49 69 850033-1800