Römer, the central market square of Frankfurt (Photo: Irina Epstein)

In Germany, it is obligatory for everybody to be health insured, and there are basically two different paths to take on insurance: you either have a regular working contract with the MPI for Brain Research; in that case, you sign up with the insurance of your choice (more information at Euraxxess). In Germany, there are ca. 200 health insurance companies, which all charge the same rates (15.5 % of your income), and differ only in the benefits they offer. The International Office will help you with finding your way through the maze of German health insurances.

If you receive a fellowship, you can sign in with one of the insurances the MPI for Brain Research holds standing contracts with; they offer good conditions for scientists and their families.

In addition to the mandatory health insurance, the MPI for Brain Research urges all employees to subscribe to a liability insurance. As with health insurances, the institute has contracts with companies that provide low-cost insurance. Such liability insurance is highly recommended.

More information can also be found in the brochure ‘Living and working in Germany’, pages 14 and 15).




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