Visa and Residence Permit

Frankfurter Dom (Photo: Irina Epstein)

Basically, there are two different documents that are important for your stay and legal status in Germany: the visa that is required from some nationals to enter the country, and the residence permit that is needed to stay (and work) in Germany (see brochure ‘Living and working in Germany’, pages 12 and 13).

In order to apply for the residence permit (needed by all nationalities that are non-EU), the following documents have to be provided:

  • your passport, in case it is required, with entry visa;
  • a work contract or fellowship agreement confirming that your will receive a salary or are supported financially ;
  • a declaration attesting that you will take on a health insurance in Germany. The International Office will provide a respective letter and give you information and advice here.
  • copies of your diplomas and graduation certificates, possibly translated into German, but especially when they are in non-Roman script, and legally certified before coming to Germany; ID photographs that meet the biometric format requirements;
  • for spouse, a marriage certificate, for children, birth certificates.




Maren Baier
International Office
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