Facility Management & Work Safety

Facility Management at the MPI for Brain Research is responsible for maintenance and care of all building equipment and supports the scientific groups with maintaining and repair of their technical equipment. The team is also devoted to supply a proper work environment by taking over responsibility for areas ranging from general care taker services to the inspection of all electrical equipment. In addition, our unit provides transport and shuttle service between the two institute locations, and is busy with carpenter and several other duties.

Head of Facility Management
Peter-Michael Rückert
T: +49 69 850033-1600
F: +49 69 850033-1699

Support for work and radiation safety is provided by Mr. Carsten Ott, the safety engineer and occupational health and safety specialist of the Institute, by Dr. Arjan Vink, the radiation and fire safety commissioner, by an Institute Physician, and by several other safety specialists to provide a safe working environment. For safety issues and questions, please contact Mr. Ott. 

Environmental- and Safety Engineer

Carsten Ott, Dipl. Ing. (FH)
T: +49 69 850033-1901

F: +49 69 850033-1999