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The Max Planck Institute (MPI) for Brain Research is located at the heart of the Riedberg Science Campus in Frankfurt am Main, where it performs fundamental, non-clinical research on the neuronal circuits in the brain. About 200 researchers study various processes of the brain, for instance how the information is stored and how sensory information is processed. The research is carried out using theoretical models and various (neurobiological) techniques, including imaging and electrophysiology. Please visit the research section for more information.

Our MPI was established 105 years ago in Berlin as the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institute for Brain Research, moved to Frankfurt in 1962 and since April 2013 we are in our new building on campus Riedberg. For an overview of its history, please visit the history section of the website and/or the exhibition minds in motion.

Internships and outreach
The Institute offers the possibility for students to do an internship. You can find more information in the Jobs section.
We offer special programs for high-school students. These include the Teaching Lab and the Max Planck Junior Scholars Program.
Many of our outreach programs are co-funded via our Association "Friends of the MPI for Brain Research" which also issues a newsletter.

The results of our research are regularly published in scientific journals. We also communicate major new results to the media and the general public by the Max Planck Society press releases (see also our news section and Facebook/Twitter). In addition, we organise our Neuroscience Lectures series as well as various other lectures.
If you would like to get information about new research results or events you can register to our press release distribution list.

If you have any further questions or if you require additional information related to our institute and research, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For questions relating to the MPG in general, please contact the Central Press Office of the Max Planck Society.




Dr. Irina Epstein
Public Relations

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