High-school students from the Sankt-Angela-Schule at the Teaching Lab (photo: Bärbel Ziemann)

We offer different modules for small groups of students (typically up to five students per experiment), which are supervised by scientists from the Institute and are set in a real lab environment:

  • Stain different parts of the cell and watch its fluorescence under a microscope.
  • Measure the electrical signals in nerve cells using electrophysiology and learn how these cells communicate.
  • Extract DNA from different fruits using different common chemicals and filtration methods.
  • Use the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) technique to multiply a DNA fragment and separate it using a gel (electrophoresis).
  • Learn about optogenetics, an exciting new techniques to switch nerve cells on and off using light and how it is used to study spatial navigation.
  • Visit our zebrafish in the animal facility.
  • Explore microscopy: learn about the different techniques and view different samples under the microscopes.