Meet the Science

Since 2016, the institute collaborates with the St. Angela School (Königstein) on the outreach program ‘Meet the Science’. The project aims to promote the interest of high school students in the MINT area by providing authentic insights in the everyday work of a scientist at the MPI for Brain Research. The students participate in the monthly institute seminar, where scientists report on their research progress. They intensively prepare for each seminar date which includes an exclusive and interactive introduction on the research topic by the seminar speaker or colleagues familiar with the topic, discussions with the scientists, laboratory visits and, finally, the presentation at the institute seminar. The students take turns in preparing a report. Due to the pandemic, we have switched to a virtual format of ‘Meet the Science’. The program is coordinated by Dr. Irina Epstein at the MPI for Brain Research and Dr. Bärbel Ziemann-Becker at St. Angela School.

“The ‘Meet the Science’ project is terrific: it offers our female students a direct insight into science and research. The immediate experience of the work of the scientists at the institute and the opportunity to talk to them are highly appreciated by the participants - also with regard to their upcoming professional orientation!” (Dr. Ziemann-Becker, St. Angela School)

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