Public Outreach


Teaching Lab
At the Teaching Lab of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, high school students can learn about various techniques in neurobiology and molecular biology through experiments. Visits consist of a short lecture, practical part and/or guided tours. Groups can choose from a variety of modules, including basic microscopy, cell staining, DNA extraction and neuron simulation. These are supervised by scientists from the institute. more
Bar of Science
The Bar of Science features exciting talks from speakers at the MPI for Brain Research and other local Neuroscience Institutes. The talks are specifically tailored to the broad science-interested audience and presented in a casual bar setting, allowing to enjoy some great science and discussions while sipping on a glass of wine. more
Meet the Science
The project aims to promote the interest of female high school students in the MINT area by providing authentic insights in the everyday work of a scientist at the MPI for Brain Research. The project is a collaboration with St. Angela School in Königstein. more
Girl´s Day
For one day girls turn into scientists. The Girls'Day is a german-wide initiative for girls to visit STEM-oriented companies, organisations and research institutions for profession finding. The MPI for Brain Research regularly offers a program during Girl's Days.
German Neuroscience Olympiad (DNO)
We regularly collaborate with the German Neuroscience Olympiad (Deutsche Neurowissenschaften-Olympiade e.V., DNO), a program inspired by the International Brain Bee, where high school students take part in a competition on neuroscience-related topics. The MPI for Brain Research has regularly hosted the national phase of the competition. In the past years, more than 60% of our finalists were girls!
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