Imaging Facility 

Imaging Facility 

The imaging facility is providing services to the MPIs for Brain Research and Biophysics. We provide theoretical and practical training; assistance in instruments selection, purchasing and customization; and project-specific support including designing, running and analyzing advanced imaging experiments. In addition, we also develop and implement new imaging methods for the scientists of our institutes.


We provide support in terms of theoretical and practical training, experiment design and microscope configuration for the following methods. Click on a method to see a short summary and some example data.

Fluorescence microscopy
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Transmission electron microscopy
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X-ray microscopy
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Sample preparation
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With a strong focus on light microscopy, we provide support for all modern imaging techniques, including confocal, two-photon excitation, lightsheet and superresolution microscopy. In addition, the facility provides access to an x-ray micro-CT as well as a transmission electron microscope. We currently have 22 microscopes available within the following categories. Click on a category to see a list of all microscopes and their detailed configuration.

Two-photon microscopes
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Lightsheet microscopes
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Superresolution microscopes
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Transmission electron microscope
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X-ray micro-CT
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Research highlights

In addition to providing support for commercial microscopes we are also developing and implementing modern methods optimized to the scientific questions of the researchers in our institutes.

Blockface 2p microscope
2p microscope / vibratome unit for whole-brain anatomical studies more
Fiber bundle imaging
Imaging and manipulating single neurons in freely behaving rats more
Spectra viewer
Powerful viewer to explore our large fluorophore database more
2-photon excitation lightsheet microscope
Custom lightsheet with even sheet-thickness across a large field of view more
Holographic illumination for photomanipulation
Combining 2p microscopy with 2p photomanipulation using holographic projection more

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In addition to microscopes we also provide our users with additional equipment for imaging applications. Please contact us for more information. The available equipment includes

  • Spectrometer
  • Autocorrelator
  • Power meter
  • Infrared viewer
  • Beam profiler
  • Microscope objectives
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