Facility Management and Work Safety

Facility Management and Work Safety

A whole range of different installations are required for the ample research work at the institute. These include:

  • Ventilation and air extraction systems
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration systems
  • Steam treatment
  • Ultrapure water
  • Recooling plants
  • Emergency power supplies
  • Technical gases of various purities

The Facility Management Department takes care of the operational capability of these facilities as well as the maintenance of the Institute building. In addition, Facility Management performs general maintenance and transportation services as well as extended janitorial activities. For Facility Management-related questions, please contact the facility head,

Support for occupational safety and radiation protection is provided by Carsten Ott, the Safety Engineer, Occupational Health and Safety Specialist and Radiation Safety Officer of the Institute, and our company physician that help to create and maintain a safe working environment. If you have any questions regarding occupational safety, please contact .

Header photo: HGEsch.

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