Friends of the MPI for Brain Research

The Max Planck Institute for Brain Research is one of the leading research institutes in the field of neuroscience, with a focus on neural circuit function. There is a wealth of knowledge, new and old, on how our brains work. In our Association Friends of the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, we will share with you the latest research findings of our institute and provide an opportunity for you and your family and friends to see how research is really done. If you are interested in learning about the brain and about how neurons, synapses and neuronal networks lead to behavior and perception, you should become a member of our non-profit association.

Membership benefits include

  • A bi-annual newsletter, with an overview of the latest research results, activities and publications of the MPI for Brain Research, Frankfurt
  • Access to all the lectures of the institute, including the Neuroscience Lectures
  • Access to special events organised by the MPI for Brain Research
  • Access to the Institute's Library
  • Invitation to open days

With your contribution, we will further support the efforts of our young scientists, by offering them additional funds as well as awards. In addition, our Friends support the annual Hertie Lecture and several outreach activities.
We hope to welcome you as one of our friends.

Yours sincerely,

The Board of the Friends of the Frankfurt MPI for Brain Research

Prof. Dr. Matthias Kaschube (Chair), Prof. Dr. Erin Schuman (Deputy Chair), and Dr. Irina Epstein (CEO)


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