You can read more about the activities of the Friends association and the MPI for Brain Research in our biannual newsletters.

Newsletter 2023
Science News: Cephalopod camouflage, Empowering Women in Neuroscience
Institute News: Visit by MPG President Patrick Cramer/ Science Market Göttingen/ PhD Retreat 2023 in Leuven
Outreach Spotlight: Girls’ Day
Interview with PhD Graduate Marcel Jüngling
Selected Honors and Awards
Grants and Fellowships
PhD Graduations
Publications 2023 more
Newsletter 2022-1
Science News: Dragons and Brain Evolution, Silence for Thought
Never Forget
Gender Politics and the Perception of Excellence in Brain Sciences
Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science
Awards and Honors
PhD Graduations
Selected Publications more
Newsletter 2021-2
Science News: The goal in mind, Old dog learns a new trick
Alison Barker joins the MPI for Brain Research as new group leader
Ethics in Science Lecture
PhD graduations
Celebrating 25 years at the MPI for Brain Research
2021 Science Discovery and Science Support Awards
Selected Publications more
Newsletter 2021 - 1
Frankfurt hat Hirn
Science News: How the brain teaches itself to see I Hot on the messenger’s trail
New Max Planck Research Group: Instinctive Behaviour Circuits
Modern design, new features – new website for the MPI for Brain Research
Eric Kandel Young Neuroscientists Prize
Coming up: Ethics in Science Lecture
Night of Science 2021 more
Newsletter 2020 - 2
Science News/Selected Honors and Awards
PhD Graduations
Minerva Re-Opening
Company Anniversary
Newly Elected Representatives
Outreach Spotlight: Meet the Science
Holiday Charity
Selected Publications more
Newsletter 2020 - 1
Science News
Selected Awards and Honors
PhD and Postdoc Prizes
PhD Graduations
Company Anniversaries
Welcome to the Institute
Outreach Spotlight: Bar of Science
Visit from the DAAD Alumni France Association
News at Friends
Selected Publications 2020 more
Newsletter 2018 - 2
Elucidating cuttlefish camouflage
Master of the tree
Great winter party concludes an exciting year
Prizes and awards for Institute‘s members
Selected recent publications
2018 PhD and postdoc prizes awarded
Exhibition “The Art of the Brain”
2019 Upcoming lectures more
Newsletter 2018 - 1
How we decide on where to go
Bar of Science - Join us!
Prizes and Awards/Selected recent publications
IMPRS retreat
Ethics in Science
2018 Upcoming Lectures more
Newsletter 2017 - 2
Detecting new proteins in mice
Thinking of others at our Winter Party / Join us!
Prizes and awards/Selected recent publications
PhD and Postdoc Prizes/2018 Upcoming Lectures more
Newsletter 2017 - 1
Connectomics Bright spots in brain cells
Bar of Science Join us!
Prizes and awards/Selected recent publications
Meet the Science/2017 and 2018 lectures more
Newsletter 2016 - 2
Protein levels at homeostasis
Friends postdoc prize/2016 Ethics in Science Lecture
Max Planck Junior Scholars/Selected recent publications
IMPRS students start and finish/2017 Upcoming Lectures more
Newsletter 2016 - 1
Sleeping dragons
Night of Science/Third Hertie Lecture
New research group leaders/Selected recent publications
IMPRS retreat to Lisbon/2016/2017 Upcoming Lectures more
Newsletter 2015 - 2
Commemoration Event
Selected recent publications
Exhibition by Julius Bockelt Hertie Lecture
PhD prize / IMPRS graduations 2016 Upcoming Lectures more
Newsletter 2015  - 1
Night of Science
Kairos Kita
Selected recent publications /“The Self Explorer“ IMPRS 6+ evaluation successful
Gifts for the FeM Mädchenhaus/2015 Upcoming Lectures more
Newsletter 2014 - 2
Circuits in Neuroscience
Teaching Lab/Kita Kairos
Moritz Helmstaedter at caesar/Our people / Hertie Lecture
New generation IMPRS/Upcoming Lectures more
Newsletter 2014  - 1
100 years of MPI-BR
News from our Institute
FeM Mädchenhaus/Upcoming Neuroscience Lectures and Symposia more
Newsletter 2013 - 1
“A new home for brain research“
Minerva Bistro/Ask a neuroscientist
“The remarkable neuron“/Recent publications
Third IMPRS selection symposium/Become a Friend
Newsletter 2013  - 1 (in german)
“Ein neues Zuhause für die Hirnforschung“
Minerva Bistro/Fragen Sie einen Neurowissenschafter
“Das bemerkenswerte Neuron“/ Neulich veröffentlicht 3
Das dritte IMPRS Auswahlsymposium/Werden Sie Freund more
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