Equal Opportunities

Equal Opportunities  

In neuroscience research, equal numbers of women and men receive a PhD, but women account only for less than 25% of professorship positions (Machlovi, S., Pero, A., Ng, S., Zhong, M., & Cai, D. (2020). DOI ). This discrepancy largely arises because of the hurdles in balancing family life and academic career, and because of cultural stereotypes and discrimination. The Max Planck Institute for Brain Research is committed to foster inclusive research culture. Thus, we implement several strategies that enable equal opportunities for all.

Enabling career and family balance is at the core of our mission.  We have several services and resources that can help any scientist with kids achieve that. To discover more go to Family.

Dedicated support is key for success in science. We are part of several networks that provide mentoring, support, training and networking opportunities to female scientists. Find out more at Career.

We are committed not only to provide support to women already working in science, but also to engage young children in the process of science, inspiring the next generation of (gender-balanced) scientists. Discover how we do it at Public Outreach

In addition to these resources, we often organize or participate in events related to equity and inclusion in science, and we keep updated on relevant news. Check out more at News

If you want to know more, need support or want to get involved, do not hesitate to contact your local equal opportunity officers. We look forward to working with you! 

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