Research Labs

Our group studies neural mechanisms for the processing and production of socially meaningful communication, with a particular focus on vocal communication. more
We study how neural circuit organization and computation emerge from the interaction of single neuron properties and synaptic plasticity during learning and development, and from efficient coding principles during evolution. more
We acquire connectomes, the maps of neuronal networks in the brain, to decipher how the cerebral cortex stores sensory experience and uses it to detect objects in the environment. more
Our lab focuses on neural circuits mediating planning and decisions for goal-directed spatial navigation, investigating how the brain can encode the next destination and simulate its associated sequences of actions based on the brain’s internal map. more
Our laboratory is interested in the behavior, dynamics and emergent properties of neural systems (typically, networks of interacting neurons or neuron populations), especially as these properties relate to neural coding and sensory representation. more
Erin Schuman’s long-standing research interest is the study of cellular mechanisms and neural circuits that underlie information processing and storage and animal behavior. Memories are stored within and between the cells that make neural circuits. Although memories can last a lifetime, the substrates for memory are relatively unstable, proteins. more
Our lab studies the neural mechanisms that underlie the flexible implementation of instinctive behaviours, with a focus on the synaptic and cellular correlates of behavioural flexibility in defined neural circuits. more
We focuse on the computational modeling and mathematical analysis of single neurons and recurrent networks. more
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