Neuroscience and Special Lectures (online)

All lectures in 2021 were conducted virtually as a precautionary measure in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring the safety and well-being of all attendees. This approach aimed to minimize the risk of virus transmission while maintaining the continuity of education.

February 10 - Special Lecture    
Matthew Kraushar,  Dept. of Bioinformation, MPI of Molecular Genetics, Berlin: Protein synthesis in neocortex development: from near-atomic resolution to the translatome. Host: Erin Schuman

March 02 - Connecting Brain Seminar    
Ewelina Knapska, Laboratory  of Emotions Neurobiology, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology
Warsaw: From contagious emotions to social learning. Host: Mathieu Renard

March 10
Ilaria Testa, Advanced Optical Bio-Imaging Laboratory, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm: A new look in the interior of cells with 3D MoNaLISA nanoscopy. Host: Erin Schuman

March 31
Emily Osterweil, Centre for Discovery Brain Science: The long and short of altered translation in Fragile X. Hosts: Erin Schuman and Ashley Bourke

April 07   
Naoshige Uchida, Center for  Brain Sciences, Harvard University, Cambridge, USA: Diversity of dopamine neurons: multiple axes and vector prediction errors. Host: Hiroshi Ito

April 27 - Connecting Brain Seminar    
Susana Lima, Neuroethology, Champalimaud Foundation, Lisbon: Neural circuits controlling sexual behavior. Host: Lukas Anneser

May 12   
Maria Robles    Institute of Medical Psychology, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich:  Quantitative proteomics to study circadian and sleep related processes. Host: Erin Schuman

May 18 - Connecting Brain Seminar    
Jee-Hyun Kim, Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health Melbourne: Cross-species approach to understand adolescent vulnerability to mental disorders. Host: Teresa Spanò

May 19
Sten Grillner, Nobel institute for Neurophysiology Department of Neuroscience, Karolinska institute, Stockholm: The computational logics of networks in motion - from evolutionarily conserved forebrain processing to microcircuits. Host: Vanessa Stempel

May 26
Nathalie Rochefort, Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences, University of Edinburgh: Neocortex saves energy by reducing coding precision during food scarcity. Host: Julijana Gjorgjieva

June 08 - Connecting Brain Seminar  
Tomoki Fukai, Neural Brain Computing Unit, Okinawa Institute of Science & Technology: Neural mechanisms of segmentation in sensory memory processing. Host: Christoph Miehl

June 09
Silvia Arber, Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical, Research and University of Basel: Disentangling descending circuits for motor control. Host: Vanessa Stempel

June 22 - Connecting Brain Seminar    
Kay Tye, The Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla:  Neural circuit mechanisms of emotional and social processing. Host: Teresa Spanò

June 30
Christian Doeller, Dept. of Psychology, MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Leipzig: Space for cognition. Host: Hiroshi Ito

July 27 - Connecting Brain Seminar    
Kafui, Dept. of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Centre of Neuroengineering, Duke University Medical Center, Durham: Mapping Emotions: Discovering structure in mesoscale electrical brain recordings. Host: Mathieu Renard

September 27 - Ethics in Science Lecture    
Kenneth Westhues, Emeritus, Waterloo University, Canada: Hierarchies and mobbing in adacemia. Host: Erin Schuman

Oktober 05 - Connecting Brain Seminar    
Daniel Yasumasa Takahashi, Federal University of Rio Grande del Norte, Brasil: The shape of vocal communication. Host: Teresa Spanò

November 22 - Special Lecture  
Catherine Dulac, Dept. of Molecular & Cellular Biology, Harvard University: Neurobiology of social and sickness behavior. Host: Alison Barker

December 14 - Connecting Brain Seminar    
Suhita Nadkarni, Computational Neurobiology Laboratory, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Pune: The synaptic underpinning of pattern separation and working memory at the mossy fibers in the hippocampus. Host: Mathieu Renard

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