Neuroscience and Special Lectures

January 10 - Neuroscience Lecture
Claudia Clopath, Bioengineering Department, Imperial College London: Modelling plasticity in neural circuits

January 11 - Special Lecture
Sebastian Haesler, NERF, KU Leuven Behavioral and neural responses to novelty

January 17 - Neuroscience Lecture
Kristian Franze, Dept. of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience, University of Cambridge, UK:
The mechanical control of neuronal growth

January 23 - Special Lecture
Matthew Chalk, NeuroBio Theory Lecture, Institut de la Vision, Paris What do sensory neurons do?
Relating therories of neural coding with the information bottleneck


January 24 - Neuroscience Lecture
Susanne Schreiber, Institute for Theoretical Biology, Humboldt Universität Berlin: Temperature and co: tuning into a new dynamical regime of neurons

January 30 - Special Lecture
Tatiana Engel, NeuroBio Theory Lecture, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Discovering computational
dynamics in the brain from largescale neural activity recordings

February 21 - Neuroscience Lecture
Yiota Poirazi, Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, Heraklion: Challenging the point neuron dogma: FS basket cells as 2-stage nonlinear integrators

March 09 - Special Lecture
Julia Veit, University of California, Berkeley: Cortical gamma-band synchronization through
somatostatin interneurons

March 26 - Special Lecture
Nelson Spruston, Janelia Farm Research Campus: Deconstructing memory circuits
with type-specific resolution


April 04 - Neuroscience Lecture
David Dupret, MRC Brain Network Dynamics Unit, University of Oxford: Parsing and acting upon hippocampal ensembles

April 10 - Special Lecture
Christopher Walsh, Harvard Medical School, Boston: One brain, many genomes: somatic
mutation from birth to death

April 11 - Neuroscience Lecture
Tatyana Sharpee, Computational Neurobiology Laboratory, Salk Institute, La Jolla: On cortical computation

April 30 - Special Lecture
Geoffrey Goodhill, The Queensland Brain Institute, University of Queensland: Signal versus noise during neural development

May 02 - Neuroscience Lecture
Sten Linnarson, Unit of Molecular Neurobiology, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm: Discovering cell types and lineages in the mammalian brain using single-cell transcriptomics

May 23 - Neuroscience Lecture
Daniel Dombeck, Dept. of Neurobiology, Northwestern University, Evanston: Mechanisms of episodic memory formation

June 05 - Special Lecture
Krystyna Keleman, Janelia Research Campus, Ashburn: The basis of memory persistence

June 12 - Neuroscience Lecture
Mark Hübener, MPI of Neurobiology, Dept. Cellular and Systems, Neurobiology: Multisensory integration in mouse visual cortex: using single-cell transcriptomics

June 22 - Special Lecture
Hiroki Taniguchi, Max Planck Florida Institute for Neuroscience: Wiring mechanisms for cortical
inhibitory circuits

October 04 - Special Lecture
Michael Lazarus, International Institute for Integrative Sleep Medicine: Why do we fall asleep when bored?
The gating of sleep by motivated behaviors.

November 02 - Special Lecture
Rava Da Silveira, École Normale Supérieure, Physics Dept., Paris: Coding with correlated neurons

November 13 - Neuroscience Lecture
David Foster, Behavioral and Systems Neuroscience, Berkeley, Psychology, UC Berkeley: The ever-increasing complexity using single-cell transcriptomics

November 16 - Special Lecture
Hiroki Ueda, The University of Tokyo, RIKEN BDR, Kobe, Japan: Organism-level systems biology by
next-generation genetics and wholeorgan cell profiling

November 26 - Special Lecture
Maria Barna, Minerva Lecture, Depts. of Developmental Biology and Genetics, Stanford University
Ribosome heterogeneity in translating the genetic code: from genes to organisms

November 27 - Special Lecture
Matthias Hennig, Institute for Adaptive and Neural Computation, University of Edinburgh: An information theoretic perspective of developmental pruning.

November 30 - Special Lecture
Albert Cardona, HHMI Janelia Research Campus, University of Cambridge, USA:
Analysis of the wiring diagram of the Drosophila larval central nervous system

December 18 - Special Lecture
Andrea Barreiro, Southern Methodist University, Dalls: Constraining neural networks with spiking statistics

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