Erin Schuman receives her second ERC Advanced Grant for NeuroRibo project

April 09, 2017

With this prestigious grant of 2.5 million Euro, Erin Schuman, Director at the Frankfurt-based Max Planck Institute for Brain Research (MPI-BR) since 2009, will study extended functions of the ribosome, the protein-making machine, in neurons. Ribosomes are complex, yet conserved, multiprotein machines and Schuman´s team will study how they are specialized to synthesize proteins in the distal aspects of neuronal dendrites.

Erin and three other investigators at Max Planck Institute for Brain Research have received funding from the European Research Council in the past five years, despite intense competition. At the level of Advanced Investigators, funding is typically given to the top 10% of applicants.  
The Max Planck Institute congratulates Erin Schuman and her research team for this achievement.

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