Computational and experimental analysis of neuronal circuit function

Research report (imported) 2013 - Max Planck Institute for Brain Research

Tchumatchenko, Tatjana; Letzkus, Johannes
Theorie der neuronalen Netzwerkdynamik (Tatjana Tchumatchenko); Neokortikale Schaltkreise (Johannes Letzkus)

The brain is the most complex system we know. At the MPI for Brain Research two groups were appointed in 2013 that use complementary approaches to address the fundamental functions of neuronal circuits: Tatjana Tchumatchenko’s group uses theoretical approaches to understand information encoding in neuronal circuits. The Laboratory of Johannes Letzkus takes the experimental approach and employs 2-photon microscopy and optogenetic methods to understand which activity patterns occur in neocortical circuits during behavior, and how these activity patterns in turn guide the animal’s behavior.

For the full text, see the German version.

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