Funding Opportunities for Postdocs/Junior Researchers

Postdoc Fellowships

Funding for research costs

Funding to start a lab / research group

Support for researchers with children

  • Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard-Foundation For female postdoctoral fellows with children in the fields of experimental natural sciences and medicine
  • Main-Campus-educator For young scientists with educational responsibilities who want to pursue their scientific career and fulfil their family obligations at the same time.

Training and travel grants

  • FENS Grants & Stipends for meetings and training activities For senior scientists and young researchers to attend FENS training activities and international meetings
  • EMBO Short-Term Fellowships For research visits of up to three months to laboratories in Europe and elsewhere in the world. Researchers must have a minimum of one year of research experience at the PhD student level, or equivalent at the time of application.
  • EMBO Travel Grants For eligible participants who are selected to attend EMBO Workshops, EMBO Practical Courses, EMBO/ FEBS Lecture Courses, EMBO/ EMBL Symposia
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