After your arrival

Register at citizen's office

In Germany it is mandatory to register one's place of residence within 2 weeks after arrival. This is a very simple and free process for which you need your passport and a certificate signed by your landlord. Cities like Frankfurt have several offices where it can be done, and the International Office will explain and help you along with the procedure.

Join a health insurance

Maybe you had the time to gather info about the health insurances before your travel to Germany; in any case, the International Office will advise and inform you about options and the process of joining a health insurance.

Apply for a residence permit

Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least 12 months - actually, the longer the better, as your residence permit will be limited to the passport's expiration date, prior to the duration of your contract with the MPIBR. If you are a national of a EU member state or of a EEA member state (European Economy Association - Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway or Switzerland), you enjoy freedom of movement and need neither a visa nor a residence permit to live and work in Germany. Among all other nations, there are so-called privileged states whose nationals do not need a visa to travel to Germany, but have to apply for a residence permit within 90 days of arriving in Germany and are not allowed to work during this time, and nationals who need to apply for visa before traveling to Germany. It is important to know which status you will have at the MPI for Brain Research - depending on whether your stay at the MPIBR will be short- or long-term, and whether you will be

  • employed as a scientific researcher work permit is included in your residence permit, no separate application required
  • a technician: work permit required, residence permit required
  • a student: enrolment at a German university required
  • an intern: depending on whether it is a voluntary or a mandatory internship, a work permit is required.
  • a guest scientist, i.e. financially autonomous: residence permit required; proof has to be provided that you have sufficient financial means to support your stay in Germany on your own.
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