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Scientists are using machine learning to eavesdrop on naked mole rats, fruit bats, crows and whales — and to communicate back. August 30, 2022, The New York Times. more
NPR, January 28, 2021 Image credits: © Felix Petermann, MDC more
Popular Science, 25. Feb. 2021 Image: © Felix Petermann, MDC more


NPR, Short Wave podcast. 07. Apr. 2021: “What’s in A Squeak? For Naked Mole Rats…EVERYTHING!”

Transcript of the podcast:

Science Podcast, 28. Jan. 2021: Calculating the social cost of carbon and listening to mole rat chirps

Alison Barker, a postdoctoral researcher at the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine, talks with Sarah about the sounds of naked mole rats.

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