Singer Emeritus Group

Kai Gansel
Graduate Student
T: +49 69 96769-272
F: +49 69 96769-327
ResearcherID (E-8930-2012)

Research interests

Beyond the single cell level, our understanding of the inner workings of the neocortex as the primary site of mental functions and mental diseases is sparse. Building on the idea that the cortex processes and represents information in a parallel, distributed fashion, I investigate if the local cortical circuitry gives rise to stereotypical multineuronal activation patterns, and if so, what their spatiotemporal organization implies with respect to cortical information processing and coding. To observe coordinated discharges at sub-millisecond time resolution, I built a unique setup to simultaneously record with multiple electrodes from multiple single cells in vitro and developed a statistical method for the detection of recurring firing patterns that provides a precise description of their spatiotemporal organization. Following a data driven approach, my aim is to identify characteristic emergent activity patterns and to unravel the mechanisms mediating their formation and conversion.

Key Publications
Gansel, K.S. and W. Singer: Detecting multineuronal temporal patterns in parallel spike trains. Frontiers in Neuroinformatics 6: 18 (1-16) (2012).
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Featured on Global Medical Discovery

Nikolic, D. und K. Gansel: Der Kontext entscheidet. Gehirn & Geist 5: 20-23 (2012).