Tuesday, 12. January 2021

Brain mRNAs in single neuron cell bodies and dendrites 

Subcellular RNA sequencing reveals unique dynamics in cell-type specific compartments  [more]

Thursday, 03. December 2020

Charting the developing brain

Researchers use connectomic mapping in the developing cortex to uncover the developmental wiring rules for inhibitory neurons [more]

Wednesday, 02. December 2020

What social distancing does to a brain

Scientists discover a neuropeptide that reflects the current state of a fish’s social environment  [more]

Tuesday, 17. November 2020

Proteins in motion

Membrane proteins are more efficient at reaching distal dendrites than soluble proteins. [more]

Friday, 13. November 2020

From the inside out – how the brain forms sensory memories

New study identifies a region of the thalamus as a key source of signals encoding past experiences in the neocortex.  [more]

Tuesday, 03. November 2020

Using walls to navigate the room

Scientists discover a brain circuit that signals the direction and distance of boundaries in the environment to help coordinate next movements. [more]

Saturday, 12. September 2020

Tuning in on cortical circuit dynamics

Neurons use homeostatic mechanisms to maintain stability despite experience-dependent network alterations  [more]

Monday, 07. September 2020

Neural networks in the spotlight

Scientists develop a computational model to predict and interpret the outcome of optogenetic experiments. [more]

Thursday, 03. September 2020

Tatjana Tchumatchenko has been awarded an ERC Starting Grant

Tatjana Tchumatchenko, Research Group Leader at the Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, has received this prestigious grant for her MolDynForSyn project. She is one of the twelve 2020 laureates currently working at the Max... [more]



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Upcoming Lectures and Events

04 March 2021

mpibr External Postdoctoral Seminar Concatenations by Heike Blockus (Columbia University (New York)

Title: Synaptogenic activity of the axon guidance molecule Robo2 is critical for hippocamp... [more]

10 March 2021

Neuroscience Online Lecture by Ilaria Testa (Advanced Optical Bio-Imaging Laboratory Science for Life Laboratory, KTH Karolinska Institutet Science Park, Stockholm)

Title: A new look in the interior of cells with 3D MoNaLISA nanoscopy [more]

30 March 2021

Connecting Brains Lecture by André Fenton (New York University, New York, USA)

Title: Learning to Learn, across biological scales [more]

31 March 2021

Neuroscience Lecture by Emily Osterweil (Centre for Discovery Brain Sciences University of Edinburgh)

Title: The long and short of altered translation in Fragile X [more]

07 April 2021

Neuroscience Online Lecture by Naoshige Uchida (Center for Brain Science, Harvard University Cambridge, USA)

Title: Diversity of dopamine neurons: multiple axes and vector prediction errors [more]