Educational Program (until 2020)

Please be aware that the following description applies to a program for which it is no longer possible to apply.


All IMPRS students start with rotations at two different research groups of their choice. At the end of the term (spring), they will present their results together with a research proposal and choice of lab at the Thesis Proposal Day.

Besides a free choice of research topic and lab, the IMPRS for Neural Circuits developed a course program with a large variety of different courses to attend. All courses are awarded with European Credit Points (EC). All IMPRS students receive an additional document (certificate) when they graduate showing the courses they attended and the amount of EC collected.

During the rotations the following course program will be organized for the new-generation IMPRS doctoral students:

  • Modern Topics in neuroscience in which the key concepts and topics of studies are taught. It includes interactive lectures, master classes by experts, and a round table on animal models. 2.5 EC
  • Modern Techniques in neuroscience which cover a wide range of modern neuroscience, biological and analytical techniques used to address the relevant questions in neuroscience. 2.5 EC


The following activities are organized throughout the year:

Lectures and Seminars

In addition, many classes from the wide variety of Master studies are open to IMPRS students (registration via the master study coordinator).


So far, we have organized three retreats: December 2013 (Prague), April 2016 (Lisbon) and Bordeaux (2018) (1 EC)

Additional optional curriculum

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