Exibition Benn "Gehirne"

On May 21, 2015, the Max Planck Institute opened an exhibition by the German artist Harald Häuser, called "The Self Explorer". Until October 5, several art works were presented in the public area of the Institute. Currently, a selection of ten illustrations from the book "Gehirne" (1916) by Gottfried Benn are still on display in the communication area on the ground floor. The paintings from "The Self Explorer" series are strongly inspired by brain research. While coincidentally listening to an HR info radio interview with Erin Schuman (Managing Director of the Institute) about the centennial existence made the artist realize that the major theme of his 40 years long artistic work more or less unconsciously always was the brain and what occurs inside of it. Häuser: "The fact that this process of exploration became so concrete in this new series of paintings is due – as is mentioned above – to a fortunate coincidence."

Impressions of the opening (all photos by Arjan Vink):

Waiting for the opening to start

Harald Häuser explains his art work

Some of the participants at the opening

Drawings from "Gehirne"

Art work at reception

Gudrun, Harald, Gilles and Erin
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