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The Stempel Lab is hiring

MSc student(s)

Are you interested in systems neuroscience and neuroethology? We're looking for someone to join our group to work on sex-specific neuromodulation of instinctive behaviour circuits!

About the lab

Our goal is to identify canonical neuronal computations and plasticity mechanisms that impart flexibility to instinctive behaviours. To answer these questions, we use a state-of-the-art, multidisciplinary approach: we perform in vivo neural activity recordings and manipulation experiments in ethologically-relevant behavioural tasks in mice, and combine these with molecular, cellular and circuit-level analyses in vitro.

Your profile

We are looking for an enthusiastic and innovative student with a keen interest in neuroethological approaches to systems neuroscience. A basic knowledge of neuroscience is required. The successful candidate will be fluent in written and spoken English. Experience with experimental and data analysis techniques relevant to our research program will be a plus.

How to apply

For further information, and to submit your application, please contact: Dr. Vanessa Stempel.

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