Max Planck neuroscientist Hiroshi Ito is awarded a prestigious grant from the Human Frontiers Science Program

March 27, 2018

Research Group Leader Hiroshi Ito (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt, Germany) has been awarded a Young Investigators Grant from the Human Frontiers Science Program of more than one million USD in total. Together with fellow scientists from the United States and Argentina, he will initiate a three-year project to investigate the interplay between space and time in the brain.

While in the past decades neuroscientists have made considerable progress to understand how the concept of space is processed in the brain, they are still far from learning how the brain can discriminate between different time durations. The interdisciplinary team with researchers from the Frankfurt MPI, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and the Leloir Institute will apply combined methods, ranging from molecular biology to computational modeling, in order to find a unified circuit framework for space-time representations in the brain. The MPI for Brain Research congratulates Hiroshi on this great effort.

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