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Year 2019

Motta A, Berning M, Boergens K, Staffler B, Beining M, Loomba S, Hennig P, Wissler H, Helmstaedter M (2019) Dense connectomic reconstruction in layer 4 of the somatosensory cortex, Science

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Year 2018

Kubota Y, Sohn J, Hatada S, Schurr M, Straehle J, Gour A, Neujahr R, Miki T, Mikula S, Kawaguchi Y (2018) A carbon nanotube tape for serial-section electron microscopy of brain ultrastructure, Nature Communication 9:437. Pubmed pdf 

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Year 2017

Boergens KM, Berning M, Bocklisch T, Braeunlein D, Drawitsch F, Frohnhofen J, Herold T, Otto P, Rzepka N, Werkmeister DW, Wiese G, Wissler H, Helmstaedter M (2017) webKnossos: Efficient Online 3D Data Annotation for Connectomics, Nature Methods 14:691-94. Pubmed pdf

Schmidt H, Gour A, Straehle J, Boergens KM, Brecht M, Helmstaedter M (2017) Axonal synapse sorting in medial entorhinal cortex, Nature 549:469-475. Pubmed pdf

Staffler B, Berning M, Boergens KM, Gour A, van der Smagt P, Helmstaedter M (2017) SynEM, automated synapse detection for connectomics, eLifePubmed pdf

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Year 2015

Berning M, Boergens KM, Helmstaedter M (2015) SegEM: Efficient Image Analysis for High-Resolution Connectomics. Neuron 87(6):1193-1206. (Cover article) Pubmed pdf

Hua Y, Laserstein P, Helmstaedter M (2015) Large-volume en-bloc staining for electron microscopy-based connectomics. Nature Communications 6:7923. Pubmed pdf

Hoffmann JH, Meyer HS, Schmitt AC, Straehle J, Weitbrecht T, Sakmann B, Helmstaedter M (2015) Synaptic Conductance Estimates of the Connection Between Local Inhibitor Interneurons and Pyramidal Neurons in Layer 2/3 of a Cortical Column. Cerebral Cortex 25(11):4415-4429. Pubmed pdf

Koelbl C, Helmstaedter M, Luebke J, Feldmeyer D (2013) A Barrel-Related Interneuron in Layer 4 of Rat. Somatosensory Cortex with a High Intrabarrel Connectivity, Cerebral Cortex 25(3):713-725.Pubmed  pdf



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Year 2013

Helmstaedter M, Briggman KL, Turaga SC, Jain V, Seung HS, Denk W (2013) Connectomic reconstruction of the inner plexiform layer in the mouse retina. Nature 500: 168-174 Pubmed pdf

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Year 2012

Egger R, Narayanan RT, Helmstaedter M, de Kock CP, Oberlaender M (2012) 3D Reconstruction and Standardization of the Rat Vibrissal Cortex for Precise Registration of Single Neuron Morphology. PLoS Comput Biol 8(12):e1002837. Pubmed pdf

Andres B, Koethe U, Kroeger T, Helmstaedter M, Briggman KL, Denk W, Hamprecht FA (2012) 3D segmentation of SBFSEM images of neuropil by a graphical model over supervoxel boundaries. Medical Image Analysis 16(4):796-805. Pubmed pdf

Oberlaender M, de Kock CP, Bruno RM, Ramirez A, Meyer HS, Dercksen VJ, Helmstaedter M, Sakmann B (2012) Cell Type-Specific Three-Dimensional Structure of Thalamocortical Circuits in a Column of Rat Vibrissal Cortex. Cerebral Cortex 22(10):2375-91. Pubmed pdf

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Year 2011

Meyer HS, Schwarz D, Wimmer VC, Schmitt AC, Kerr JN, Sakmann B, Helmstaedter M (2011) Inhibitory interneurons in a cortical column form hot zones of inhibition in layers 2 and 5A. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 108(40):16807-16812 Pubmed pdf

Helmstaedter M, Briggman KL, Denk W (2011) High-accuracy neurite reconstruction for high-throughput neuroanatomy. Nature Neuroscience 14:1081-1088 featured in “High-throughput anatomy: Charting the brain's networks.” Nature Neuroscience 490:293–298 Pubmed pdf

Briggman KL, Helmstaedter M, Denk W (2011) Wiring specificity in the direction-selectivity circuit of the mammalian retina. Nature 471:183-188 Pubmed pdf

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Year 2010

Meyer HS, Wimmer VC, Hemberger M, Bruno RM, de Kock CP, Frick A, Sakmann B, Helmstaedter M (2010) Cell Type-Specific Thalamic Innervation in a Column of Rat Vibrissal Cortex. Cerebral Cortex 20(10):2287-2303 (Cover article). Pubmed pdf

Meyer HS, Wimmer VC, Oberlaender M, de Kock CP, Sakmann B, Helmstaedter M (2010) Number and Laminar Distribution of Neurons in a Thalamocortical Projection Column of Rat Vibrissal Cortex. Cerebral Cortex 20(10):2277-2286. Pubmed pdf

Turaga SC, Murray JS, Jain V, Roth F, Helmstaedter M, Briggman KL, Denk W, Seung HS (2010) Convolutional networks can learn to generate affinity graphs for image segmentation. Neural Computation 22(2):511-538. Pubmed pdf

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Year 2009

Helmstaedter M, Sakmann B, Feldmeyer D (2009) L2/3 interneuron groups defined by multiparameter analysis of axonal projection, dendritic geometry, and electrical excitability. Cerebral Cortex 19:951-962. Pubmed pdf  Additional resources

Helmstaedter M, Sakmann B, Feldmeyer D (2009) The relation between dendritic geometry, electrical excitability, and axonal projections of L2/3 Interneurons in rat barrel cortex. Cerebral Cortex 19:938-950. Pubmed pdf  Additional resources   

Helmstaedter M, Sakmann B, Feldmeyer D (2009) Neuronal correlates of local, lateral, and translaminar inhibition with reference to cortical columns. Cerebral Cortex 19:926-937. (Cover article) Pubmed pdf  Additional resources

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Year 2008

Helmstaedter M, Staiger JF, Sakmann B, Feldmeyer D (2008) Efficient recruitment of layer 2/3 interneurons by layer 4 input in single columns of rat somatosensory cortex. Journal of Neuroscience 28:8273-8284. Pubmed pdf  Additional resources

Frick A, Feldmeyer D, Helmstaedter M, Sakmann B (2008) Monosynaptic connections between pairs of L5A pyramidal neurons in columns of juvenile rat somatosensory cortex. Cerebral Cortex 18:397-406. Pubmed pdf

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Year 2007

Schaefer AT*, Helmstaedter M*, Schmitt AC, Bar-Yehuda D, Almog M, Ben-Porat H, Sakmann B, Korngreen A (2007) Dendritic voltage-gated K+ conductance gradient in pyramidal neurones of neocortical layer 5B from rats. Journal of Physiology 579:737-752. *equally contributing Pubmed pdf

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Year 2003

Schaefer AT, Helmstaedter M, Sakmann B, Korngreen A (2003) Correction of conductance measurements in non-space-clamped structures: 1. Voltage-gated K+ channels. Biophysical Journal 84:3508-3528. Pubmed pdf